Starting Small | Two-A-Days

Grab your water bottle - it’s time to start Two-A-Days.

You gave us your e-mail address, so now it’s our turn to give you something.

We want you to live the life you've always wanted. A life of excitement, fulfilment, and making your biggest dreams a reality; that's what Unpredictability is all about.

So we’re going to challenge you to be Unpredictable. We're calling this 'Two-A-Days' because you get two tips to make your whole day Unpredictable.

Don’t worry, it won’t be a last-minute trip to the most dangerous street in Hawaii or filming a music festival. These easy and quick challenges will show you how to live life without missing any opportunities.

Today I want you to brush your teeth with your other hand and step out of each doorway with your non-dominant foot.

This will mess up your whole day. These little changes will show you just how much of a routine you live in. Routines aren’t bad, they’re actually an important part of life. But if you don’t add any flair or excitement to them they’re boring and *shudder* predictable.

A routine is supposed to allow you extra time to have fun, meet new people, and enjoy life. If you take it too far, like many of us, you start to pass those great opportunities and your routine starts hurting you.

That’s it! Do these easy things and you’re on your way to being an Unpredictable expert.

The Unpredictable Team

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