Buy Stuff Without Money

Your foreign accent sounds terrible - practice it!
Today’s challenges go one step farther.
Being Unpredictable means using your resources. Money was invented because it was too complicated to find someone who wanted to build you a boat in exchange for 3 of your goats - money was the alternative exchange, not the primary.

To be Unpredictable you need a few skills you can offer someone. For us in LA, that was filming and editing awesome videos for businesses and organizations. I just made a deal with a dog breeder in the middle North Dakota - I'm getting a $5,000 purebred Doberman just for making her a website!

Find a tradeable skill that interests you, then start practicing until you feel like you could trade it for something. You could get free work on your car, a spot in a Coldplay music video (like our boy Will), or other amazing opportunities.

Buy stuff without money - now that's Unpredictable!
That's #TheArtOfUnpreditcability

The Unpredictable Team

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