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Keep honing your skills - one day you'll be able to offer them to someone. Here's how:
Today’s challenges go one step farther.
Next time you go for coffee, go into the store. Offer to buy coffee for the person behind you. This isn't some lame 'random act of kindness' crap, this is about changing lives. This person will now feel obligated to talk to you for at least a few minutes. Try to find an area of common ground and see if you can offer them anything.

Trading favors like this is the type of networking that actually works. It's how we got to film a music video for Rozes in a warehouse in Downtown LA. You'll be amazed how many awesome (and wealthy) people walk through the coffee shop in your small neighborhood. 

Networking 101: Trade favors, not business cards.
That's #TheArtOfUnpreditcability.

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