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Keep making life suck! Finding a way to make you day suck on your own terms is a great way to keep a great perspective.
Today’s challenges go one step farther.
A while back, we asked you to write down your personal values. One of mine is: "Fear is not a reason." Fear can't be a reason for why you should or shouldn't do something. Fear cripples your ability to do anything in the moment you're afraid. Like allergies, sometimes your body overreacts to something that isn't that bad.

I'm not talking about risk assessment. If there's a good chance you'll get hurt doing something, that's a good reason to not do it. But fear by itself? No. Get rid of it.

I want you to face a fear you have. Whether it be bugs, heights, or failing a homework assignment. Put yourself in a situation where you will be frightened. Then audibly say: "fear is not a reason - it's an excuse." Notice how you're still alive. Nothing that bad happened. Your fear is an overreaction.

A few years ago, I was sick of being afraid of spiders. So I went to a pet store and I let a tarantula crawl in my hands. Was it easy? No. Do I love spiders now? Absolutely not. But at least I know I'm not embarrassing myself when I let something 1/100th my size keep me from being Unpredictable.

Fear is not a reason.
That's #TheArtOfUnpreditcability

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