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Last time, we asked you to tweak your routine so you could see how often you ignore everything around you. I hope it made you stop and think – those quick moments when you ask yourself: "why do I do it this way?" are so important to learning how to improve your life and the life of everyone else around you.
Today’s challenges go one step farther.
I bet there’s at least one person you see on a regular basis but you don’t even know their name. It could be the lady who scans your groceries at the store, your favorite barista, or even a coworker across the hall.
Your first challenge is to talk to that person before our next session of Two-A-Days.

Your second challenge is to find out 3 things about them: their name, their favorite thing to do, and the next time they’re going to do their favorite thing.
That’s it! Even if you’re not a very social person, this is such an easy conversation.

To be Unpredictable, it’s important that everyone around you is reminded of their goals and what makes them happy. Part of being Unpredictable is encouraging others to see things from a better perspective.
You might also find out that a complete stranger has big dreams – you may be able to help them attain them just by being a little Unpredictable. Making this change in your day-to-day interactions makes the world feel less like a scripted (and quite boring) story, and more Unpredictable.

Everyone remembers the person who asked big questions.

The Unpredictable Team

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