Fear = Fun | Two-A-Days

Last workout, we challenged you to talk to someone you see all the time but don’t know. Wasn’t it exciting? I hope you saw their eyes light up once they realized someone wanted to know more about them. This is an unbelievable tool for Unpredictability – we filmed a fashion show on the roof of an LA skyscraper after using this tool to meet someone who worked with the fashion designer.
Today we go one step farther.
Your next challenge is to wear clothes with colors that clash or that interrupt your typical style. For me, it’s a pair of red jeans I bought but have never worn in public. It could be an interesting hat, a funny tie, or even a suit or formal dress if you want to feel empowered by bumping up the dress code!
If people ask, just say you’re mixing up your routine and it feels good. Help get people off their train track lifestyle and try something fun.

Remember: fear = fun.

The Unpredictable Team

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