Make Time Appear Out Of Thin Air

Last workout, we wore something we normally wouldn’t. Just to mix things up. Hopefully, by now you’re starting to see just how much fun life can be when you’re Unpredictable. If not, maybe the Unpredictable lifestyle isn’t for you... you might be too deep into your routine to try new things. We think you’re better than that – you owe it to yourself to enjoy the opportunities around you. You’re worth more than you value yourself.
Today’s challenges go one step farther.
Go to the grocery store today. Not tomorrow, not on Tuesdays when you normally go, but TODAY. Make time for it. Find a main-course food you’ve never eaten before and buy it (eggplant, ribs, tofu, pig’s feet, etc.). Look up a recipe on your phone and get whatever ingredients you don’t have at home, also. Cook that for dinner tonight and see if you like it. If you totally hate it, you only lost $5… but at least you can say you tried something new.
A big problem with a routine is that it starts to steal time from you. Ironically, routines are supposed to give you more free time. If you’re like us, we get invited to an event or a trip and want to decline because we start valuing the routine instead of the free time it should give us.
An Unpredictable skill is the ability to make time appear out of thin air. This allows you to be spontaneous but still get all the important things done. I promise you that half of the things in your daily routine are given too much time to complete.
Quit walking through your routine – start sprinting and you’ll quickly realize just how much time (and energy) you have left over. You’ll sleep better at night, you’ll have awesome adventures, and you’ll see how a routine is meant to help you be Unpredictable.

Make time for the things you want to make time for.

The Unpredictable Team

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