Your Next Target | Two-A-Days

Have you read your letter to yourself since you wrote it? Keep it posted somewhere you can see it. Add to it, change it, rip it up if you get frustrated. Continue a conversation with your future self and get a hold on the perspective you want to have.
Today’s challenges go one step farther.

To focus on your goals, they need to be outlined clearly. You can’t hit the bull’s eye if you don’t set up a target.
Outline your personal values. Just sit down and write out 10 personal ‘rules’ for yourself or ideals you will not compromise on. Predictable people live by every wind of emotion, but Unpredictable people are laser-focused on their character and goals.
Outline your personal goals. These can be anything. Just come up with 5 things you want to accomplish. These aren’t New-Years Resolutions - this is a calculated and methodical attack to earn what you want.

Post these lists everywhere. In the car, in the bathroom, at work, in your calendar, or on the lock screen of your phone. Our perspective needs realigning multiple times a day.

A marksman without an appropriate target is a threat to everything around them.

The Unpredictable Team

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