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Stay Focused.
Today’s challenges go one step farther.
Sometimes, money gets in the way of being Unpredictable. It’s an absolute shame when an opportunity approaches and we don’t have the cash to make it happen. Sometimes there’s just not a way around a lack of funds.
So this never happens to you, make an Unpredictability fund. Just a twenty or fifty dollar bill every month will, over time, create a small fund where you can just go crazy and do cool things.
I’ve been saving every $10 bill I get. Every time I randomly have one in my wallet, I put it in a coffee mug above the sink. This fall, I’ll have a few hundred bucks and I can take my wife on an east coast road trip. Where are we staying? Where exactly are we going? How much will it cost? Who cares!? I have a fund which will take care of everything so I can focus on the adventure instead of the mind-numbing details.

Predictable people don’t prepare for what they don’t see.

Unpredictable people prepare for the adventure that awaits them.

The Unpredictable Team

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