21 Days Of Jump

An unpredictable challenge, written by Will Collette

“But Sandy, that only gives us 1, 2, 3…168 more hours of playtime!” Shouts
“You’re telling me!” Yells Sandy. “And there’s still so much stuff to do! We gotta
climb some things!”
“Climb!” SpongeBob says.
“We gotta jump off of stuff!” Sandy smiles.
“Jump!” SpongeBob says with a giggle.
“We gotta ride.”

Maybe I’m the only one who can vividly recall all the lines from any SpongeBob
episode, but if you’re not already familiar, this is when Sandy the squirrel is only
days away from hibernation. She’s attempting to cram in as much activity before the
winter as she can. SpongeBob tags along even though the events are as exhausting
as early morning races or finding hay in needle stacks.

This was my experience shortly before I moved from Santa Barbara to Salt Lake City.
I knew I would probably not return to the central coast anytime soon, so I attempted
to make every last minute count. I explored all the areas I had been saving for later. I
told every pretty girl I saw that she was beautiful. I spent more time with friends
and less with Netflix. I surfed every afternoon that was sunny. I took risks and made
big changes in my work environment. And I LIVED.

With the realization that I had virtually nothing to lose, I decided to take a chance on
everything. The results were surprising.

Most of the things I was afraid would go wrong, went way better than expected. I
was able to be more open and authentic with people. My work improved. My
weekends were full of travel and adventure. I was living as if I were dying.
Friends were going out of their way to attend more events to spend time with me, I
had conversations with some I never thought I’d have – the results were

We weren’t killing ourselves like Sandy was, but I was definitely pushing the
envelope on how much I could fit into a day.


And as a result, I left the central coast knowing I had no regrets. I took every chance
I did and said all the things I wanted to. Why don’t we do this in our normal day-to-day lives? What’s holding us back?

At least for me, it was the fear of disturbing the balance of how things appeared to
be. I was content, why mess it up?

I know now that I was missing out on a lot. I would never have known if I wasn’t
moving and took all those risks.

So in an effort to make my new home as exciting as my final days in California, I’m
taking on the “21 Days Of Jump” challenge.

The rules are simple: for the next 21 days, every chance I get to take a leap of faith
or tell someone something I wouldn’t normally say, travel to an event, or bring
something up in the workplace (even if it’s risky), I’m going to do it. Because I could
really die at midnight. What do we have to lose?

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